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Its interface is hard to get lost in since it’s literally two fields on a white screen with two blue buttons and the files it creates are ready to go straight into your Google Search Console. Creating and properly formatting an .XML sitemap is a huge hassle. But with you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

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You can also see exactly how many characters and even pixels your text takes up. View Rendered Source is a tiny Chrome extension that allows you to view how a browser renders a page and constructs the original HTML into a working DOM. This enables you to see how search engines view your pages and spot the differences between raw and rendered versions, which are highlighted line-by-line.

  • We use Chrome Remote Desktop to access computers out in the field or back at the office when out in the field for troubleshooting and technical support.
  • This is advantageous for seeing exactly what’s on the screen but can make it a little laggy.
  • I use Chrome Remote Desktop while I am mobile and may not have my laptop with me for remote access.
  • This program also allows direct control over the desktop and doesn’t give you a simulated log on .

Just paste your URL into download Windows Movie Maker Security the tool, and it will scan through all of your pages for you. Once it’s done, you can preview your sitemap, download it, and upload it to the root folder of your website and add it to the Google Search Console. The Google SERP Preview Tool is great for helping you optimize your title tags and meta descriptions for length. Paste in your URL, page title, and description, look at the preview window and see if your data is within Google’s limits.

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The Geo Sitemap & KML generator is another web tool for quickly creating a sitemap for your site. Either upload a .CSV file with your company details or type everything in manually, and enjoy your newly-created sitemap. The tool is a great way to quickly compile or clean a disavow file.

This is a handpicked collection of advanced search operators and URL modifiers from Google. Every weekday you will get an email with the latest updates covering organic, paid, social and other digital marketing topics that are super important. Properly formatting a robots.txt file and keeping it free of any errors is no easy task. So, the Robots.txt checker by Motoricerca might come in handy for checking it. Simply paste in the URL of your robots.txt file, and the tool will check it for syntax errors, logic errors, spelling errors and even give optimization tips while doing it.